Realizing you have a problem is a brave first step for any person. Seeking out help and support can be a hard decision to make, but here at Main Line Mental Heath, we’re here to work with you until you develop the skills to become the person that you want to be.

Our goal is to support our clients as we work together to pinpoint the causes of the issues in their lives. In unison, we will focusing on addressing stressors and removing negative behavioral and thought patterns that give rise to problems in your life, helping you to become a happier more fulfilled person.

No matter what struggles you are coping with, it is never too late to change your course and develop the necessary strategies to leave yesterday’s problems behind in order to realize tomorrow’s successes.

We provide treatment services for Child, Adolescents & Adults struggling with Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, addiction, and trauma/grief.  We also provide family therapy and couples therapy.  We are currently offering telehealth appointments with flexible hours.

At Main Line Mental Health, you will have your specific needs met in a way that is collaborative, comfortable, and conscientious. We will work with you and for you to ensure that you are meeting your individual therapeutic goals.

Embark on the journey to the life you’ve always wanted.